4 High Paying Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree

Have you ever wondered what jobs you can get with a high school diploma Currently, the highest paying jobs require you to have a Bachelor of Arts (BA). However, finding good jobs without a degree may not be as difficult as you think.

There are still a variety of positions with competitive salaries which only require you to complete a training program. Other employers may not even require a training program. Instead, you must simply gain experience in the appropriate field.

If you’re wondering how to get a job without a degree, it is important to consider your strengths and weaknesses. This may help you decide which career path is best for you. In whatever field you choose, it is also important to recognize the challenges that will come with it.

Keep in mind that you may still need to complete a training program in order to achieve your goals. Continue reading below to learn more about several high paying jobs that do not require a college degree.

Commercial Pilots

The commercial pilot salary varies depending on a pilot’s years of experience and education. However, pilots are not always required to complete a bachelor’s degree. Some airlines require their pilots to have BAs before they can receive a commercial pilot license, while others do not.

Pilots with the most experience earn between $130,000 and $140,000 per year. The answer to the question “how much do commercial pilots make?” also depends on the airline, the average length of flights, the size of the plane, union agreements and more.

Though the commercial airline pilot salary for pilots without degrees is usually less, research indicates that it may be between $78,000 and $79,000 each year. This is significantly more than what most people expect high-school graduates to earn.

Note that the commercial pilot license requirements are still rigorous. Applicants must enroll in a flight training school or a military program and successfully complete the training.

In addition, they must first receive a private pilot’s license and complete a certain number of flight hours before they can apply for a commercial pilot’s license. The most important examinations for commercial pilot jobs include the Federal Aviation Administration exams.

Dental Hygienist

The dental hygienist salary typically ranges from $63,000 to $83,660, though hygienists may earn even more depending on their experience level. While a BA is not required, hygienists must have an associate degree before they can find a job in the U.S.

Dental hygienist programs train students in four major areas of study:

  • General education on communication skills, psychology and sociology
  • Biomedical science, which covers anatomy, physiology, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and more
  • Dental science, including tooth morphology, oral embryology and histology, oral pathography, radiology and more
  • Dental hygiene science, which covers preventative counseling, patient management, medical and dental emergencies and more.

A dental hygienist degree and a license will allow applicants to begin practicing at a dentistry full-time. Depending on the hygienist’s level of experience, he or she may be involved in more complicated procedures. However, most Dental hygienist duties include cleaning the teeth of patients, taking X-rays, practicing a warm bedside manner and assisting the dentist during other procedures.

Even though a hygienist may not need more than an associate degree, many applicants choose to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree to expand their options in the field. Regardless, aspiring hygienists do not need to complete a traditional college program.

Real-Estate Brokers

A real estate broker works one step above real estate agents. In effect, a broker may work independently, but an agent must work underneath a broker. The median real estate broker salary is between $58,000 and $68,000.

The salary also varies tremendously depending on a broker’s experience, the area in which he or she works and other factors. For instance, a real estate broker who runs a large brokerage in a city will have a higher salary than a broker who only works with a few agents in a modest suburb.

Wondering how to become a real estate broker? You do not need a college degree. Instead, you must gain experience as a real estate agent. This involves completing a training course administered by a state-approved school and passing license examinations.

After working as an agent for a certain amount of time, an applicant may then apply for a real estate broker license by completing the appropriate exams. The number of years required before an agent can become a broker varies from state to state.

Sometimes, a newly-licensed broker will first work as an associate broker. This allows him or her to gain valuable experience and an increased salary without having to worry about the responsibilities or liabilities of a fully-fledged broker.

Paralegal or Legal Assistant

The median paralegal salary is between $49,000 and $50,000, though your actual salary may be higher or lower depending on the program in which you enrolled for training, your law firm, state of residence and other factors.

For instance, the median salary for paralegals in D.C. is significantly higher than the median in Oklahoma. Keep in mind that higher pay may also come with higher taxes and a higher cost of living, depending on the area.

What is a paralegal? In general, paralegals complete a wide variety of tasks to assist lawyers in a law firm. They may edit legal documents, perform legal research, design presentations, conduct client interviews, organize case documents and assist in other ways.

A paralegal must obtain a paralegal certificate or paralegal degree by completing a studies program in order to use the title. A legal assistant may perform many of the same duties and cover receptionist duties, such as answering phone calls, scheduling appointments and mailing important documents.

However, he or she may not use the title of paralegal without certification. The average legal assistant salary in the U.S. is approximately $46,452 per year. A legal assistant may earn more or less depending on his or her experience, state of residence and more.

While this average salary is less than the average of a paralegal, legal assistants may steadily increase their salaries by gaining experience and moving to higher-paying law firms. With the right resume tips and interview skills, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement.