Learn How to Find a Job in the United States

Finding a job in the United States can be a challenging experience for any job seeker, but there are ways you can make the experience more successful.

Finding your first job in the U.S. is not all that dissimilar from finding a job after becoming unemployed in the country. In fact, there are plenty of helpful resources that can help you in your search as you seek out new opportunities regardless of your current stage of employment.

Finding a job requires you to be creative in what you are searching for, where those jobs might be and how you can qualify for them. Whether you are unemployed and needing a new job or searching for your first job, you will have to seek opportunities that suit your qualifications as well as your career goals.

Successfully completing a job application also requires care and attention, so be sure to review the hints and tips below to give yourself the best possible chance.

Learn How to Find Your First Job in the U.S.

Finding your first job in the U.S. requires you to adapt the skills you have to a potential role, without having former experience to harken back upon. Many employers will require you to have some relevant experience, even for an entry-level job.

While this might seem conflicting – requiring experience for newcomers to the job market – there are other ways to gain experience without having an actual paying job.

Getting your first job could be easier if you have relevant professional experience to include on your resume. For example, internships and apprenticeships are excellent ways to acquire experience in a certain field without being a full-time employee. These types of roles offer a chance for you to learn new skills and to make more professional contacts within an industry so you can reach new levels of employment.

While these may not be ideal, especially if the role is entirely unpaid, these types of roles can help you to gain traction in an industry, with or without educational experience.

Discover How to Find a Job While Unemployed

If you are recently unemployed and now seeking a new job, you have many resources to use and options from which to choose. While facing unemployment can sometimes be an intimidating experience, you need not fear because you have the resources at your disposal to get you through this stage.

While looking for a new job after losing your last employment, you should look into benefits options that can help you financially as you search. If you qualify, you can apply for unemployment benefits to help meet your financial obligations while you are in between jobs.

Find a new job is also a good opportunity for you to look into new roles or even new industries. You can use this time while between jobs to review your options and your career trajectory to determine whether or not you want to make a change.

Learn About Helpful Resources for Job Seekers

There are many helpful resources you can use while finding a new job in the U.S., including various websites and government resources. These are all designed to help you identify job listings, and most also allow for online applications to be submitted directly through that portal.

Federal Resources for Finding a Job

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) provides an online resource to help job seekers, called the CareerOneStop website. You can utilize their search engine to look for jobs that are relevant to your field or your previous work experience.

There are also various job training opportunities that you can search for through that same online portal. The DOL also offers the ApprenticeshipUSA program, which you can use to earn a salary while simultaneously learning new skills for a new job role or even a new industry altogether.

If you want to work in a federal government job, you should use the USAJobs website, which is run by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). That site is the official source for all government employment options, featuring jobs from every department of the federal government as and when they are available.

You can choose to upload your resume to the site and then follow the instructions for applying online for any job that interests you and for which you might qualify.

Local Job Resources

For help finding a job locally, you can visit an employment agency that helps with temporary work placements or larger recruiting efforts.

An employment agency will have access to temporary assignments in your area, which you can do in the interim as you search for more permanent work. Additionally, employment agencies serve as recruitment centers, with connections to any local vacancies to keep you updated during your job search.

Another local resource for finding a job is the American Job Center (AJC). Your local AJC can help you with career counseling and potential job training so you can look into new industries or roles. The AJC will also have access to local vacancies and help you with completing your application, if necessary.

The AJC aims to help you achieve employability, so be sure to access those resources and ask for help as and when needed.

Find Out How to Complete a Successful Job Application

A successful job application for new employment requires you to meet the needs of the company and to match the qualifications they desire in a new employee. To submit a full application, you will need to complete the following documents:

  • A detailed resume
  • A cover letter
  • Your portfolio, if applicable
  • Letters of reference from former employers

Making sure to carefully write your resume and cover letter with particulars that are relevant to this exact position will help you to have a better chance at employment. Also be sure to edit your documents to avoid any errors or mistakes. Being highly professional in your correspondence with a potential employer can help you to compete for this role.

Before submitting an application, it is wise to utilize the resources of the AJC in your area, as well as the CareerOneStop website. Asking for help will only strengthen your chances of a successful job application, so do not hesitate to reach out for assistance.