Learn About Home Services You Can Get With Medicaid

Medicaid is a government assistance program that helps low-income beneficiaries receive the health care they need. Your card is evidence of the benefits that you can receive.

However, did you know your card can do more than just provide you with affordable health care? If you are struggling to pay bills, then your government-issued card can help you reduce your bills or get affordable services.

Using your card as proof, you can receive other non-government benefits. Some examples include a free government phone, reduced phone and internet bills and even homestead tax exemption. Continue reading if you want to find out more about the services you can receive with your card.

Find Out How to Get Cheaper Internet

If you need affordable internet for your family, then you can look to Cox for help. This cable and internet provider has a program called Connnect2Compete, a program meant to provide low-income families with home internet.

In order to get affordable Cox internet, you must meet their eligibility requirements. To be considered requires that the family have at least one student in K-12 they must be participating in one of the following government programs:

  • National School Lunch Program
  • SNAP
  • TANF
  • Public Housing

Once you meet these qualifications, then you will confirm with a representative to verify if you meet further requirements. For instance, you must not have had Cox internet within the last 90 days. Once all qualifications are met then a representative will visit your home to set up the equipment for your in-home wi-fi.

Learn How to LifeLine Phone Service

If you have a Medicaid card, then you can qualify for a free phone without monthly payments. Although they do not offer a free government phone, it is a service given based on household income. 

You may also qualify if you are currently receiving government assistance. Local companies will work through Lifeline, a program that works with local companies to provide inexpensive utilities to low-income families. Aside from phone services, they also help reduce the cost of internet bills. 

If your household income is 135 percent less the federal poverty guidelines, then you may qualify. Eligibility for this cheap phone service is also based on the size of the household and the state you reside in. Remember to check with your local phone company to see if they offer this program. 

To demonstrate that you qualify, you show you have proof of your Medicaid card or any other government program you participate in. Additionally, you must show proof of a pay stub or tax return as evidence of meeting the poverty guidelines. Once you have those documents ready, you may ask your selected phone company for a Lifeline application. 

In the application, you will provide your personal information and a document that shows proof of your identity. Once approved, your discount will be added to your bill.

Discover Assurance Phone

Your government-issued card can help you receive a free government phone if you are in need of a phone. Assurance phone works with Lifeline and the federal government to provide free phones to low-income families as well as affordable phone services. Assurance will provide a free phone if you are already under government assistance, such as Medicaid.  

When you apply for the phone service, you can qualify for a free smartphone. The smartphone models may vary, which can depend on location. The qualifications for this phone are the same as the Lifeline eligibility requirements. Residents with certain living situations can qualify as well. These specific qualifications are:

  • Separate households that live in the same address.
  • Residents of homeless shelters and nursing homes.
  • Residents with temporary addresses.

One detail to remember is that you can only get one phone per household, not per person. It is important to make sure that you know who will get the free government phone. Once you qualify, you will receive free monthly data, free unlimited texts and free monthly minutes.

Learn How to Get Property Tax Exemption

If you are on Medicaid, you and your family probably have a limited income. This is one of the criteria a homeowner must meet in order to be eligible for property tax exemption. This happens when a homeowner is exempt or excused from the extra taxes that voters pass on, such as school construction bonds. This type of tax exemption will be applicable to your property if it meets the following criteria:

  • If your home is your main residence
  • You will 61 years of age by December 31
  • You are of any age and have a disability that prevents you from working

In addition to income limits, your income is not the only one counted as household income. Income includes you, the earnings of your spouse and the wages of anyone with ownership interest in the house.

The home tax exemption amount will vary depending on the state and county as well as income bracket. Therefore, make sure to check with your local county office to know the exemption amounts.

Discover How to Get a Discount on Amazon Prime

If you want affordable two-day but never thought you could afford the premium, then you are in luck. Amazon is offering slashed prices on its Amazon Prime delivery service. If you provide proof applying for Medicaid successfully with your card, then you can receive the access. 

In order to apply for this service, you must go online to Amazon’s EBT and Medicaid page. Once you are the page, follow the prompts to complete the form. 

When your Medicaid card and application has been verified, you will receive full Prime benefits. Some benefits include free two-day shipping and streaming online TV shows. The only feature it does not include is household sharing, which is when you cannot share your Prime benefits with another family member. 

When you begin, you will be given a free 30-day trial for Prime. After the trial, Amazon will begin to charge you monthly for the Prime offer at a reduced rate of $5.99.

You will qualify for Amazon Prime for four years starting from the date you are approved for it. Furthermore, you must reverify your government assistance status via email with Amazon every 12 months.