Learn How to Find the Right Home

Finding the right home or apartment for your family can be time-consuming and frustrating at times. There are many different types of housing out there, and the pricing varies greatly as well. There are also many different aspects of the home that you must consider as well, including the location of the home and the amenities it includes as well.

An important first step that you should take if you are looking for a home is deciding what your top priorities are so that you can know what to look for in a rental.

If you are a recipient of Section 8 housing assistance, you are allowed to pick any home that is up for rent as long as it meets the standards set by the public housing authority (PHA).

The PHA encourages you to consider several different housing choices before making a decision to ensure that you find a home that is best suited for your family’s needs.

As long as the unit meets the acceptable level of health and safety and is approved by a PHA inspection, the home can be leased. To learn more about finding the best home for your family, read the sections below.

Discover How to Find a Home That Fits Your Needs

There are a variety of different housing types that you can consider. This includes renting low-income apartments, townhomes or single-family homes. The PHA does have specific standards that the rental unit must meet before you can move in.

The agency will conduct an inspection to make sure that the home meets the appropriate levels of safety and health, and once approved, you can sign the lease agreement. 

These standards help to ensure the purpose of the Section 8 program, which is helping families to obtain decent, safe and sanitary housing that is affordable and in a decent neighborhood.

When you begin your search for a home, it is important to first consider which factors are most important for you and your family in regard to the unit. While you may not be able to find a home that has everything that you want, having a simple list of what is most important to you can make the searching process much simpler.

For instance, you need to consider location, the size and type of home, the neighborhood and more. If you are a family that includes children, you may want to find single-family homes in a suburban neighborhood in a good school district.

If you have a family member that is disabled or elderly, find a home that is accessible is crucial.

Another important factor to consider is transportation. Is the neighborhood close to public transportation? Is the home close enough to your work so that you can have an easy commute? The cost of filling up a car tank with gas frequently can get expensive, so consider housing in a location that is close to your work or that has easy access to buses or other forms of public transportation.

In the end, you may need to weigh the pros and cons of various different houses in order to decide on what your top priorities are and to find a home.

What to Look for Before Moving into an Apartment

In order to decide on a home, it is crucial that you tour the place before making any decisions.

Simply looking through online photos is not going to show you everything you need to see. Take the time to visit your favorite options and ensure that you keep your eyes open for potential issues with the property.

Ensure that you consider the following when you visit:

  1. Safety: Ensure that the doors and windows shut and lock. Make sure that the smoke and carbon dioxide detectors are working appropriately, and discuss any other safety concerns directly with the landlord.
  2. Condition: Is the property in good condition? Look around to see if you find any holes in the walls or mold. Ensure that the home is clean and sanitary. Also, check the water pressure and make sure that the sinks, showers and toilets all work.It is also important to ensure that any heating and air conditioning units are in working order as well.
  3. Amenities: You may also want to consider the amenities that the home has as well. Are appliances such as the fridge included? You should also ask about parking, mail delivery, trash disposal and whether pets are allowed.

Before you sign any lease agreement, the home must be inspected by the PHA as well. The agency must be certain that the home is in good condition, safe and sanitary before the Section 8 assistance for the property is allowed.

The housing assistance program wants to ensure that you and your family can find affordable housing in a decent home in a safe neighborhood.

Enlist the Help of the Housing Counseling Program

There is a Housing Counseling Program that you can utilize if you decide you need additional assistance looking for a suitable home.

You can contact housing experts by phone or in person at a counseling agency in your area. These experts can provide you with a variety of home listings and will help you find a home that fits your budget and needs.

In addition, housing counseling services can help you to compare and negotiate home loans that can help you to finance your home if you are purchasing a home. Or, if you are a recipient of Section 8 housing vouchers, the counselor can help you find low-income homes that accept the vouchers.

The counseling program is also beneficial because it can provide you with information regarding a variety of important topics including homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, fair housing, housing assistance programs and more.  

These services are also provided to current homeowners facing foreclosure and eviction, and to homeless individuals as well.

The housing counseling services provide a variety of benefits including help finding a home, making responsible financial decisions, advice on housing issues and more.