When to Know it is Time to Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Social security lawyers specialize in disability laws and cases regarding Social Security disability claims, therefore providing numerous benefits to applicants, especially in the event of a denial and appeal.

Before asking, “Where can I find social security lawyers near me?” it is worth taking the time to learn what to expect from this type of attorney, including general fees, how to find a lawyer that is best suited for your case and when to hire an attorney.

SSDI and SSI lawyers are beneficial when first applying for Social Security benefits, however, these lawyers are crucial when appealing a denial decision from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Statistically, at least half of all disability claims are initially denied, and it can take months and even years to successfully win a claim and begin to receive SSDI or SSI benefits.

Having an attorney can ensure that deadlines are met, the appropriate documentation is filed and that your hearing goes as smoothly as possible. A lawyer can also act as a guide through this complicated and lengthy process and answer any questions that you may have regarding your case or the appeal process.

How do SDDI and SSI lawyers aid in a Social Security Disability case?

Social security lawyers are able to provide a number of benefits in most Social Security Disability cases. For starters, having a lawyer can help to ensure that you meet any deadline, such as submitting appeal requests in a timely manner or providing the Social Security Administration with any additional requested documentation.

If any deadline is missed or should you fail to provide the SSA with requested documentation within a reasonable amount of time, you may need to restart your application for benefits from the beginning.

SSI lawyers can speak directly with the SSA on your behalf. Additionally, your lawyer will be able to obtain your medical documents once written consent has been provided. When your case does reach a hearing, a lawyer can represent you in court as well as explain complex terminology and disability laws that you may not otherwise understand.

Best of all, Social Security lawyers know how to best present your case favorably during your appeal and hearing. These lawyers are familiar with disability laws and Social Security Disability eligibility requirements. Prior to your hearing, your lawyer will likely meet with you to discuss the hearing process as well as identify and prepare any appropriate witnesses on your behalf.

SSDI and SSI Lawyer Costs

Fees for Social Security lawyers are regulated by federal law. In most cases, disability lawyers will not cost anything up front, making it easier for those who are unable to work and rely on future benefits to obtain legal counsel.

In fact, SSDI and SSI lawyers are often not compensated for their time if you lose your case and do not receive benefits from the Social Security Administration. This also ensures that these lawyers will advocate for you to the best of their ability.

Should an attorney help you win your case, standard payment is 25 percent of any back benefits that the Social Security Administration owes you, up to a maximum amount of $6,000. Back benefits equate to the amount that the SSA would have paid you in benefits from the date that you became eligible to receive benefits, which is generally the date that you submitted your application.

When to Hire Social Security Lawyers

Social Security lawyers are best acquired if you are denied Social Security Disability benefits after the SSA has reviewed your case. However, they are also incredibly beneficial before you submit an application as your lawyer will be capable of assisting you in ensuring that you have provided the Social Security Administration with all of the required documentation in a timely manner.

Consider hiring a SSDI or SSI lawyer in the event that your case is denied. However, it is important to act quickly as you will only be given 60 days from the date of your denial to file for an appeal. As stated previously, the appeal process may take months or even years to complete once it is initiated.

How to Find a Disability Attorney Near Me

If you are wondering, “How do I find social security lawyers near me?” you should know there is likely an abundance of these attorneys serving your community. Should you choose to do so, you can also obtain a lawyer that lives outside of your immediate area to represent you.

You can find SSDI and SSI lawyers in a number of ways, including through online searches, local advertisements, phone books and law offices. Consultations are generally free, but it is important to ask a potential attorney up front whether or not they charge a consultation fee.

Important Questions to Ask Social Security Lawyers

Once you have found a handful of social security lawyers that may be suited for your case, you can find the attorney that you feel most comfortable with and is best suited for your particular case by asking additional questions.

The first question that you should ask is whether or not the individual is a licensed attorney. The Social Security Administration allows non-attorneys to represent you as an advocate. However, due to familiarity with the Social Security Disability process and disability laws, you are strongly encouraged to hire an attorney that is licensed within your state.

When reviewing social security lawyers, it is important to determine whether or not the attorney that you are speaking with specializes in Social Security Disability. There is no specific license that a lawyer can obtain for the field, and it is therefore your responsibility to ask if the lawyer has received additional training regarding disability laws and SSDI/SSI processes and whether or not they have previously taken on cases similar to your own.

Confirm the SSI lawyer’s fees and if they require any type of upfront costs or additional fees for their services. Ask the attorney whether or not there may be additional costs if the case proceeds all the way to a federal court. When asking about fees, make sure that you find out what those fees will cover. How many times can you expect to meet with your attorney before the hearing? Will the attorney help you track down any medical documentation that you may need to present?

While social security lawyers are not required for Social Security Disability appeals cases, they are strongly recommended and can be the difference in being approved or denied benefits.